Korede Bello talks about Headies, Godwin Dance and Relationship with Dj Cuppy


Nigerian music sensation, Korede Bello, whose hit single ‘Godwin’ catapulted him to greater heights in this interview with Punch, he opens up on a number of topics from his Headies win, to the controversy surrounding Reekado Bankz’s ‘Next Rated’ win, hisGodwin dance step, school, his trade mark “jerry curls”, Dj Cuppy, Zahra Buhari and more.

Read excerpts from the interview below…

Winning a category at the Headies…

…Honestly I did not think I would win because my song, Godwin, was put against some of my favourite songs of 2015 but then again, I expected God to win in the situation. I did not plan for it and I was short of words when I was called on the stage. I did not even get to appreciate all the people I wanted to acknowledge. It was when I got off stage that I began to remember some names I should have acknowledged. I appreciate everyone who has been and would be blessed by my songs.

His opinion on the drama that happened over that award…

…Regarding the controversy, Reekado Banks had a good year in 2015 and he is a hard worker. He deserves everything he gets. Kiss Daniel also did very well last year; he had three hit songs last year and some of the songs are my favourite. Lil Kesh, my brother, also had back to back hits last year. It should be a big deal for anyone who was nominated, but it is only one person that would take home the prize. It is a voting category and I guess the fans chose their favourite.

His thoughts on the rancor that sprang up following Reekado’s win…

…People have a right to be angry and they have a right to express their opinion. They have a right to defend themselves, their friends, and their songs. I think everybody just wants to be better and they want what is best for their team. That is all I can say.

His reaction to Etcetera’s negative article about his song with Asa

I don’t think the article was objective. I read the article and Etcetera is a freelance writer who does not speak the opinion of the people. He says what he feels. I have read some of his past articles and they are the same, he says what he thinks and feels is right and I feel everyone has a right to their opinion. Etcetera, being a musician, might feel that there are some certain elements missing in a song, but I see tweets from fans, I hear my song being played across radio stations in Africa and people tell me that they love the song and feel blessed by it. That is all that matters to me…

His Godwin dance step, which was a flop

It was not a flop and to set the record straight, I did not invent the dance step. I saw a little boy do the dance step on Youtube so I incorporated the dance step. I felt it was a funny dance step and a hilarious way to express oneself.

Did you ever date DJ Cuppy?

Cuppy is my friend and I love her. There was one that I was with Zahra Buhari as well and people began to speculate. They are my people and that is it.

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