It was celebration galore, yesterday, at the premises of First Consultant Medical Centre, Obalende, Lagos as management of the hospital took time out to celebrate the safe delivery of one of its own, Dr. Ada Igonoh, the female doctor who survived the dreaded Ebola virus in Nigeria.

Igonoh was said to have delivered a baby girl at the Greater El-Monte Community Hospital, California, USA around 12.05 am local time and 3.05 pm California time.
The baby girl weighed nine pounds and one ounce, a little above four kilos at birth.Addressing a press conference in Lagos, Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Benjamin Ohiaeri, said the baby has been certified Ebola free.

Elated Chief Medical Director said the baby is not only a Nigerian baby but a pride to the hospital and the country at large.

“This is the first of first. Last year we were visited with the deadly disease, one year later, by the grace of God we were saved from national calamity and we have every reason to celebrate.”

Describing Dr Igonoh’s case as a divine intervention, Ohiaeri explained that when a person survives Ebola it is usually difficult for the survivor to get pregnant and even when you get the pregnant it is difficult to carry it and even deliver.

He said research is on-going to give medical explanation to why it is difficult for an Ebola survivor to conceive.

“Ada and her husband have made us proud. We thank God she carried the baby and delivered safely. After the delivery, we were told that the mother and baby were fine and all the tests came out negative. They are doing fine,” he added.

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