I looked fearfully at the creature that slittered in her hands and knew immediately that I would rather die than let the thing touch me. Annabel brought it closer and smiled, as she saw the horror register on my face. The black rocky head of the serpent gave me the conviction that it was of the deadliest specie.

“Of course, you still have the option of castration, but that would be degrading, don’t you think? The angels at the pearly gate might mistake your sex and assign you to the female quarters”!

She threw her head back and laughed at her own joke. Suddenly her visage changed again, as she picked up the hot knife from the table.

“Make your choice quickly or  I’ll help you decide! This shouldn’t be too difficult for you, after all, you chose death from the moment you walked across to me in that restaurant. Let me tell you what I saw when you walked over to me that day… I saw another selfish, arrogant and evil predator looking for a prey to pounce on. But bless the day I decided to change the game tactics. Now, feel my pain and the pain or thousands of women abused degraded and humiliated on account of our simplicity and devotion. You will atone for the sins of your kind.”

With that, Annabel went to my feet and slipped the serpent into my trousers. I screamed as I felt the creature slithering up my trousers. It was definitely looking for an exit hole. I knew it would only be a matter of time before It bit me. Annabel was now reclining on a sofa at the far end of the room. She was obviously enjoying the show. I knew I had limited time. I struggled like a man possessed with a million devils. It paid off! A tearing sound at my right wrist meant that, that hand was free. With that hand, I hurriedly unbuckled my belt and at the same instant, felt the serpents paralyzing bite on my thigh. In a mindless display of survival instinct, I slipped in my hand and grabbed the serpents neck. I held down as tightly as I could, until I felt its fangs relax their hold in me. I flung it to the ground beside my bed, screaming all the while. Miraculously, I noticed that Annabel hadn’t realized my new nearly free status. With my free hand, I now worked to free my left hand. Annabel at this time, must have noticed that something was wrong, for she stood up suddenly with a frown on her face. Her eyes narrowed as she saw me struggling with the ropes on my feet.

” No! How dare you!”

With that, she rushed to the table by  and picked up the knife she left there with a determined zeal to stab me, but I grabbed her hands and we struggled for a while. Suddenly, she screamed in horror. I knew from her reaction that the serpent had bitten her. The serpent on the floor had enjoyed a jail break. I held her in that position until she screamed again. The poor serpent must have vengeance on its soul. I looked down at the floor and saw the satisfied creature slittering towards the kitchen door. Annabel slumped in my arms and fainted. I pushed her away violently. She crashed into the wardrobe at the wall and landed heavily on the ground. Time was of utmost importance now if I would testify to have survived this ordeal. I freed myself, rushed out of the room picked my car keys from the table at the parlour and found my car outside the house. 

As I lay in the hospital bed receiving treatment for snake bite, I wondered if Annabel would survive. I honestly hoped she wouldn’t. But if she did then it would be my duty to warn society of a dangerous love on crutches.

The End.



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