Oprah Winfrey Addresses Reports on ‘Secret Son’ Ambush


Earlier this month,
Oprah was reportedly
‘ambushed’ by a man
claiming to be her
‘secret son’ outside the
Ed Sullivan Theater in
New York.
Oprah Winfrey sets the record
straight on a recent tabloid story
which claimed she was “ambushed”
by her “secret son” named Calvin
Mithcell outside the Ed Sullivan
Theater in New York earlier this
month. In a phone interview with ET ,
Oprah explains her relationship with
Calvin and what really happened that

“I met Calvin around the early ’90s, I
think it was 1992. I was doing a film
for television called ‘There Are No
Children Here’,” Oprah tells the site,
confirming that Calvin is not her birth
son. “We were shooting in the
projects in Chicago and I was sitting
on set during a break, and this cute
little sparkly-eyed boy came
underneath the yellow tape to hand
me a soda.”
“I was so charmed by him that I
started talking to him about his
family, his school life, and found out
that he was in a situation where his
mother didn’t have a job and they
were stuck in the projects,” she
Oprah and her partner Stedman
Graham decided to help Calvin by
paying for his school and getting his
mother a job. Calvin was later
expelled from school and Oprah
looked for another school in
Mississippi. “I found a school in
Mississippi that was a private
boarding school because I thought if
I could remove him from the
environment that he’d been
accustomed to growing up in, that
maybe that would be helpful to him.”
At the age of 16, Calvin told Oprah
that he couldn’t stay at boarding
school because “the teachers didn’t
like him.” Oprah recalls telling Calvin,
“I said, ‘Calvin, this is the moment.
This is a seminal moment for you. I
know you are 16 and can’t see the
road ahead, but if you leave this
school and refuse to get an
education – I have tried to offer you
an education twice – there isn’t
another school I can put you in. If
you leave this school, I am done.
There is nothing else I can do.’ …
And that was my last conversation
with Calvin in the early ’90s.”
When Oprah met Calvin again in New
York after a taping of ” The Late Show
with Stephen Colbert” earlier this
month, she didn’t immediately
recognize him but tried to contact
him afterwards. Oprah had already
suspected that Calvin told his story
to tabloids.
“I could see the little boy in his eyes,
even though time has changed a lot
for him, and I said to him, ‘What are
you doing? Why did you go to the
tabloids?’ ” she recalls, “As I left, and
he was looking so forlorn, he was
like, ‘Can I speak to you?’ So I said to
somebody on my team, ‘Will
somebody get Calvin’s number so I
can contact him later?’ ”
“I didn’t realize the whole thing was a
setup. When I realized the whole
thing was a setup, I was no longer
interested in speaking to him,” she
continues, noting that she’s not hurt,
but “disappointed.”
In an interview with Radar Online
earlier this month, Calvin, now 35,
claimed Oprah tried to adopt him as
a boy, but then abandoned him as a
teen. “We had a close relationship,”
Calvin said, “Oprah and Stedman
were like family to me.”
Calvin said he went into deep
depression after allegedly being
abandoned. “I want to ask Oprah,
‘Why did you leave me? Why did you
leave me?’ ” he told the site, “I’m still
empty. I’m still searching. I don’t
have closure to this. I just don’t

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